M-Files announces end of life for M-Color

By Sofia Jaramillo | CAD

The M-Color product line is a landmark tool that has been used by countless companies and has produced a lot of value for their customers over the years. However, M-Files‘ focus has shifted from the world of AutoCAD and architecture to the document management needs of businesses around the world. With this shift, both the financial resources and effort needed to maintain and support M-Color no longer meet the requirements they have set for themselves and they must focus their efforts on their core business.

The decision to sunset M-Color was not easy, but M-Files feel at this juncture, it is the right one. On behalf of M-Files and Microsol Resources, we wish to thank you for all your efforts and hard work with the product to achieve all the success it has had over the years.


Which M-Color products are affected?

This announcement affects the entire M-Color product line.


When is the end-of-life timeline of M-Color?

Effective immediately, M-Files will no longer sell new licenses or support renewals of M-Color. We understand that there are a substantial number of customers still using M-Color, and we do not wish to leave them without a transition period. Therefore, M-Files has produced one more version of M-Color for the AutoCAD 2023 release.

This final version of M-Color does not require a license code to run. This will allow our customers to keep using M-Color while they adjust their business for the change.


How do you support ongoing contracts?

M-Files will respect all existing support contracts by continuing to provide technical support until the end of the current contract term. However, we will not accept renewal orders for the contracts for subsequent terms. If you have any questions on ongoing support contracts, please contact M-Color support.


What is the possibility of continuation?

The end of support for M-Color at M-Files does not necessarily mean the end of the product. Should a suitable partner be found to continue the development of the M-Color application, we are open to transferring the rights to the source code and thus enabling the current and possible future customers to continue using the product with future versions of AutoCAD as well.


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How do you download the final M-Color version?

The following version does not require a license to run:

Download Now


INDUSTRIES: Architecture, Buildings

Published on August 30, 2022 in CAD.

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