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By Microsol Resources | BIM

So some of you may have heard of Paul Aubin. He is an author, consultant, frequent speaker at AU, and a pretty nice guy as well! He writes a great blog, and he sadly suffered through a Building Design Suite install from HELLLL!!!!! Read all about it on his blog at

I just want to pass along some advice having to do with file folder names and lengths, as this seemed to cause Paul several hours if not days of wasted time.  Paul downloaded and unzipped the Ultimate Suite which created a folded called Autodesk_Building_Design_Suite_Ultimate_2013_English_Win_32-64bit. Apparently after all of the other subfolders get created under this, some of them actually are TOO LONG for the Windows OS to use, and the entire install process fails.

The truly fun part Paul had was when he Canceled the install. Not only does it stop the install process at that point, it also UNINSTALLS EVERYTHING that had successfully installed. Seriously? Yah, that is what he wrote. Bang. Head. Here.

Ok, so hopefully Paul’s sacrifice is your gain. Here is his advice:

  • Download the archives.
  • Run the installer and accept the default location (you can change drives if you like)
  • When the actual installer appears, cancel it.
  • Browse to the location of the installed folder and rename it to something shorter (like BDS).
  • Double-click the Setup.exe file in the now shortened folder.
  • Sit back and wait for it to finish.

Ok? Thanks Paul! We owe you one. Next time you’re in Philly, the drinks are on my boss, er make that me.

Disclaimer: I have not attempted the Suite install myself, but seriously, doing what Paul suggested is like chicken soup. It couldn’t hurt, right, and it might actually help!


Published on April 18, 2012 in BIM.

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