Installing your Autodesk Software via Flash Drive

By Anna Liza Montenegro | IT

Autodesk (and Microsol Resources) still support Windows XP installations of Autodesk products.  It’s just not recommended for most of the 2013 applications that require more than 4GB of RAM, which is the limit of a 32-bit OS.

Also, when the flash drive is inserted, there is no guarantee that anything will actually happen…regardless of whether or not ‘Plug & Play’ is enabled.  To that end, you can open Windows Explorer and double-click on the “new” drive.  The drive window will open and you should see a setup.exe file in the root folder…no need to go exploring!  Double-click that file.

The next window will provide you options to Create Deployment, Install Tools & Utilities, or INSTALL.  Assuming you just want to install a standalone version, choose that option.  Then the installer automatically determines what OS is available, and will choose the appropriate version without any user intervention.  The opportunity to choose WHICH applications to install, however, actually happens after you accept the License Agreement, choose License Type, and plug-in your Product Information. 

Note the next screen will list ALL products available to be installed as part of whatever Suite you purchased.  If the installer detects that the product is already installed, it will note this.  Otherwise check the product(s) you want to install.  You can click the little drop-down arrow below the checkbox to see additional options; shown in the picture below…

Flash InstallationWhen you click that, you’ll be presented with the option to configure the software. This will include things such as choosing to install Express Tools, or add/remove content, as well as, install any available Service Packs (SP).  Our experience is that you should NOT include the Service Pack as part of the initial installation. Instead, you should install it separately after the fact by downloading it from the Autodesk website manually. Electing to install the SPs as part of the install may work for you, but many users have been known to run into issues because of the size and download times, causing their internet connection to timeout.

Once you’re done, go ahead and click the next button to install.  Now you can sit back and wait! It should be automatic from that point on but please do not disturb anything while it’s running.

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Published on March 19, 2013 in IT.

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