How to Request a Company Name/Address Change for your Autodesk Subscription Account

By Anna Liza Montenegro | Subscription

For self service:

  1. Visit: online request.
  2. Enter in the required information only. In the “How May We Assist You?” field type: Company Change of Name and/or Company Change of Address

For Microsol Resources assistance:

  1. Please complete Section A by selecting either Name Change, and/or Address Change, and/or Name Correction on form
  2. Please fill out section B with both the outdated information and the correct; current information.  Do not worry if you do not know your Customer Specific Number (CSN); we will complete that portion on your behalf.
  3. Please complete Section D with the appropriate signature of an owner, principal, associate, partner.
  4. Please forward to your contact here at Microsol Resources where we will either add the Customer Specific Number (CSN) or complete section C and submit to Autodesk for processing.


Published on February 3, 2015 in Subscription.

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Marketing Director in New York via San Francisco and Manila. Anna Liza is a trained architect and inspired by technology. A fan of traveling, slow food movement, and summers in Maine with her kids. She has been with Microsol since 2004.