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Accessing Autodesk Support and Granting Microsol Resources Access to Assist with Your Cases

By Anna Liza Montenegro | IT, Subscription

In order to access support from your Autodesk Account, you will want to start by logging into your Autodesk Account at accounts.autodesk.com. Click the Management tab in the top navigation bar to display products and services.

Hover over Support in the upper right corner and select View my support casesSupport in Autodesk Account

This will bring up a pop-up window in which you can view previous cases, as well as create a new case. To create a new web support case, click the Create Case tab then select the topic that best describes your issue.

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Fill in the Product & Systems information as well as the Case information.

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Click Browse to attach any files that may help guide Autodesk support in resolving your case and click Submit.

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Quite often, our customers using Autodesk software create support cases in Autodesk Account. When creating a case, it is very important to grant us, your reseller, access to the case so that we can help in an appropriate manner. In order to do so, click Set View Permissions under My Reseller Permissions.

Locate Microsol Resources under Reseller and select Yes under View Cases. Then click Save Changes.

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Call us at 888-768-7568 if you are still having trouble!


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