Educational Plot Stamp Removal Issues

By Anna Liza Montenegro | Hardware

So you’re experiencing the following issue; when plotting a drawing from AutoCAD that was created in, or that contains drawing data that was created in, an Educational (Student and Faculty) version of AutoCAD or an AutoCAD-based program, the following plot stamp or watermark appears in the final output:

For Educational Use Only



This may also occur when using blocks or other components of drawings that have been created or modified in an Educational version, including layers, blocks, layouts, etc.

The reason this happens is because Autodesk sells educational versions of software on the premise that the software will be used for educational purposes only. The purpose of this watermark is to discourage the commercial use of an educational version. Therefore, removal of the educational plot stamp from AutoCAD-based drawings is not supported.

Important Updates:

AutoCAD 2014 SP1 – With AutoCAD 2014 Service Pack 1 installed, DWG files will no longer show the educational plot stamp while plotting, nor will they give a warning message when opening them. However, the stamp is still attached to the file even though it is not showing. The danger is that someone with 2014 SP1 could open a file and work on it without realizing it has the educational stamp on it. If they then send that to someone without SP1, or on an earlier version, that user will see the warning and the stamp. At this time, using 2014 with SP1 will still propagate the stamp to other drawings, as in the past.

AutoCAD 2015  –  This version has the ability to remove the stamp altogether if a Save is performed. Once a file is saved in 2015, it can be sent to users on earlier versions, and the stamp will no longer be a part of the file.

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Published on April 29, 2014 in Hardware.

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