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This course will teach you how to take the fundamentals of creating and contributing to an online project in the Autodesk Docs platform.

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Working knowledge of Windows OS


In-Person & Live Online Training Duration: 8 hours & Valid for 8 AIA LU
OnDemand Training: Not applicable for AIA LU
Custom Training: Hours & AIA LU Varies


This course will teach you how to take the fundamentals of Creating and contributing to an online project in the Autodesk Docs platform.


AN INTRODUCTION TO BIM DOCS: In this session we will be logging into BIM 360 using Microsol Resources student licenses assigned to each student. We will explore the overall capabilities of BIM 360 and focus on the main module Docs. We will discuss the Autodesk account and the process of license assignment, receiving an invitation from within your firm and from an outside partner.

THE BIM 360 INTERFACE: An introduction and explanation of the various modules. dashboards and metrics.

MANAGING A PROJECT: We will introduce the students to the various roles available for managing a BIM 360 project, starting with the site admin and project admin and then invites and overall user management with the member directory. We will discuss companies, roles and individual permissions.

DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT: We will discuss the preferred workflow for managing the data within the project, introducing the desktop connector and its place within creating a project template. We will explore the detailed level or permissions available for your firm and the firms invited by the project host. The students will explore the project folders and different workflows for Plans and Project Files folders. We will discuss versioning, upload, download, move, archive and recover. We will compare files and introduce, viewing, measure, markup and hyperlinks. We will cover sharing files and folders and the ability to integrate comments and markup.

CREATING ISSUES: The students will then be introduced to the concept of model-based and document-based issues. Creating, assigning and reporting issues, as well as adding attachments.


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