Buzzsaw is on Steroids!

By Microsol Resources | BIM

If you had as much yawned when working with Buzzsaw, you might have missed the giant steps the tool has taken over the past few months.
We all have worked with the Buzzsaw Client. Now that’s the least interesting of the lot. This post is about the coolest kid on the block: Buzzsaw on the Web/Mobile.
Below is a capture from the Autodesk’s Site listing all the flavors of Buzzsaw currently available:

Flavors of Buzzsaw available at the date of posting

This is probably what you were used to so far:

But the most exciting action happens on the Web:

The interface is very similar to the Autodesk 360 Cloud Storage interface. One major difference that I found as of today was that you not only had the ability to view/edit AutoCAD files, but also view Revit files directly with out the intermediate DWF conversion.

As you can see, Revit Project files now appears in the Thumbnail preview. Revit family files however do not. The best part is when you actually select the Revit Project File and view the sheets and views within.


The interface resembles a rudimentary Project Browser wherein you can access the individual model views.

On selecting the views themselves, you have the option to simply view them or go into an Interactive mode that lets you zoom and pan. For 3-D views, one can even orbit and select individual components to display component properties. I did see the option for Text Mark-ups in 2-D Plan views. However, I was not able to activate it in order to use it. I’ll save that for another day.


Published on June 8, 2012 in BIM.

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