BIM Implementation: A Roadmap on How We Can Help

By Microsol Resources | BIM, IT

Very often, clients ask us: ‘We need to implement BIM on this project, what can you offer us not just in terms of getting off the ground, but for the entire life-cycle of the project?”


And very often we respond with a litany of products and services that are on the table. We cannot give specifics because we don’t know how the project is going to evolve and they don’t ask for specifics because sometimes they don’t know what to ask for. This approach works fine most of the time, and clients reach out to us as and when they need specialized consulting services.


Recently however, we needed to put together a menu of our offerings based on our past experiences in executing services across the entire life-cycle of a building project. It was an opportunity to reflect on what we had to offer in relation to what our clients do. The results were enlightening because the road-map we ended up with reinforced  our philosophy of helping our clients succeed and making sure that we are able to support them all the way. The chart above is a sampling of our services and product offerings based on a generic project workflow. Of course, we assume that you already own the software to get started with your project.



Published on May 22, 2015 in BIM, IT.

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