Autodesk 360 Cloud Credits FAQ

By Anna Liza Montenegro | Subscription

Before you read a whole blog post about cloud credits, you should probably be familiar with the basics:  What are cloud credits? They are the unit of measurement required to perform certain tasks, such as creating a rendering or running a simulation in a cloud environment using Autodesk cloud services.

Autodesk cloud credit allocation framework incorporates both “Individual Cloud Credits” and “Shared Cloud Credits.” Every user associated to a license and given permission to perform tasks that consume cloud credits will automatically receive 100 Individual Cloud Credits.  These 100 Individual Cloud Credits are a one-time-only allocation that is granted to a named user when he or she is associated to a license that is on an active maintenance plan or subscription contract.  While these type of credits do not expire, these are for explicit use by named users and cannot be shared, pooled or transferred.  Shared Cloud Credits are purchasable and may be accessed by all users on a contract if they have been given permission to perform tasks that consume cloud credits. Both Individual Cloud Credits and Shared Cloud Credits are tied to a either a maintenance plan or subscription contract and will expire in one year of time of purchase or upon renewal date; whichever arrives first.

Cloud credits will be needed for Autodesk 360 Services available to you as subscription entitlements. These Autodesk 360 services include: Rendering, Autodesk Infraworks 360, Mechanical Simulation, Air, Fluid Flow, and Thermal Comfort, Whole Building Energy Analysis and Structural Analysis. The chart below maps out which Autodesk 360 products and services use cloud credits and which cloud services are part of your maintenance plan or subscription contract.

Autodesk 360 Services or Products Maintenance Plan or Subscription Contract Usage Based
Autodesk Sim 360
Autodesk Simulation Flex (Simulation Mechanical 360, Simulation CFD 360 and Simulation RSA 360)
Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Flex (Simulation Moldflow 360, Simulation Mechanical 360, Simulation CFD 360 and Simulation RSA 360)
Autodesk InfraWorks 360 ⊃1;
Structural Analysis for Autodesk Revit
Optimization for Autodesk Inventor
Autodesk Configurator 360
Lighting Analysis for Revit (Daylighting for LEED and Advanced Illuminance)  ✓

The amount of cloud credits required for these services fluctuates depending on the variables you choose. Therefore, you pay just for the amount of cloud computing that you need.

To help monitor usage of cloud credits, Autodesk recently released the Autodesk 360 Usage Report which provides Contract Managers the ability to track how many cloud credits have been used and how many are left—by the contract or by the user.

If you need to purchase more cloud credits, the Contract Administrator or the Software Coordinator can do so from:

  • Microsol Resources/Your Autodesk Reseller
  • Autodesk Account

Cloud credits are sold in packs of 100 for $100 USD. If you still have questions about cloud credits, visit the Autodesk Cloud Credits FAQ or contact us at


Published on June 6, 2013 in Subscription.

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