How to Assign/Update the Software Coordinator in Autodesk Account

By Rowena Harry | Subscription

Before you go through the steps, please note the differences between Autodesk Account Roles:

  • Contract Manager (CM)—The person who receives renewal notices and has full contract-related privileges within Autodesk Account. The CM also names the Software Coordinator(s)/User(s) giving them access to Autodesk Account associated with their appropriate Autodesk software(s).  Note there can be only one CM on a contract.
  • Software Coordinator (SC)—A person(s) who is named by the Contract Manager to receive email notifications to order or download applicable new releases or extensions, and to receive shipments of software. Software Coordinator(s) also can be given rights to name users to access Autodesk Account.  Each serial number will have a Software Coordinator attached to it.  The Software Coordinator(s) defaults to the Contract Manager unless specifically assigned.
  • User— Any person designated by a Contract Manager and/or Software Coordinator to access Autodesk Account and the benefits associated with their appropriate Autodesk software(s).  This person may also be granted download privileges for extensions and upgrades. As a User, please know that if you submit support requests, the information in your support request will be viewable by your Contract Manager, Software Coordinator, other Users in your company, and your reseller.

Moving on, if you’re the Contract Manager (and only if you’re the Contract Manager) you can assign a Software Coordinator in Autodesk Account by following these steps:

  • Login to
  • Navigate to the Management tab
  • Click Manage Users

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  • Click Manage Software Coordinators

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Another tab/window called Software Coordinator Management will open with image similar to one in screen capture below.

  • Clicking on the contract number will drill down further.

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NOTE: In addition to assigning/updating/removing the Software Coordinator(s) you can also use this page to edit shipping locations for your Coordinators; or name groups for your products.

Software Coordinators tab allows you to select the Software Coordinator(s) with a shipping location you would like to edit.

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Software Coordinators tab also allows you to remove all association of a Software Coordinator(s).

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Important Note: Choose ‘Remove From All’ only when an employee has left your company or department and should no longer have access to Autodesk Account administration. Otherwise, choose cancel and instead choose ‘Unassign Software Coordinators‘ under the Products tab.

Under the Products tab: Select the product(s) for which you would like to manage the assignment of Software Coordinators or rename to another group.

  • Check off the box to the left of the serial number.  Then you can click any of the following to proceed with:
  • Rename Group – Adding or editing a description that helps define a serial number.
  • Assign – Choose or update the Software Coordinator for serial number with existing or new person.
  • Unassign – Update existing Software Coordinator for serial number with the Contract Manager.

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Please note that a change of Contract Manager must be done in by us here at Microsol Resources or can be requested by current CM by opening a case within Autodesk Account.

If you still have unanswered questions or are having trouble, do not hesitate to contact us! Call us at 888-768-7568 or shoot us an email


Published on May 18, 2015 in Subscription.

About the Author

Rowena Harry is the Senior Subscription Specialist at Microsol Resources. Rowena’s role focuses on Autodesk’s subscription product portfolio related to subscription retention, administrator management, and user access. Rowena works closely with Autodesk and Micrsool Resources' sales and support colleagues to facilitate customer familiarity with Autodesk change-management processes for product access as well as updates within the Autodesk Account interface.