Accessing Autodesk 360 Benefits within an Autodesk AutoCAD or Revit Product

By Anna Liza Montenegro | BIM

In order to access Autodesk 360 benefits within an Autodesk Autocad or Revit product, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open your Autodesk product: AutoCAD, Revit, etc.
  2. Navigate to the Communication Center toolbar located in the upper-right corner of your Autodesk product.
  3. Click the Autodesk Online Services drop-down list, labeled Sign In, to open the Autodesk – Sign In
    AutoCAD toolbar:
    AutoCAD toolbar
    Revit toolbar:
    Revit toolbar
  4. From the Autodesk – Sign In dialog, enter your Autodesk Account ID or email address and password. Autodesk Sign in
  5. Once logged in, one can click the Account Details link in the Communication Center of either product:
    AutoCAD toolbar:
    AutoCAD toolbar
    Revit toolbar:
    Revit toolbar
  6. Clicking the Account Details opens the Autodesk – User Profile dialog, which gives you access to edit your profile or change the password on your account. Autodesk User Profile
  7. In AutoCAD, the first time you sign into Autodesk 360, you may be prompted with the following dialog where you can edit your default settings and choose to automatically copy your files to the cloud, or customize your synchronization settings.
    Default Settings
  8. Clicking on the drop-down arrow next to your login name in the Communication Center, you’ll notice that you also have additional options as can be seen below.
    drop down menu
  9. Clicking Sync my settings with the cloud brings up the following dialog:
    Enable Customization Sync
  10. Click Start syncing my settings now to activate syncing. This will activate syncing per your settings, and place a “√” next to the setting in the Communication Center.
    Start Sync Settings
  11. You can turn off the synchronization at any time by clicking the setting again, or toggle it off within Options. Also note that you can “Choose which settings are synced” by clicking the hyperlink in the Enable Customization Sync dialog, which opens the following box.
    Enable Customization Sync dialog
  12. Back in the Communication Center drop-down, click the Online Options… to open the Online tab in the Options dialog. From here, you can do a number of things, including view the cloud storage allocation amount, which is preset at 5GB.
    Online Options
  13. The last option on the Communication Center drop-down is the Autodesk 360 button, which takes you to your personal A360 drive in the cloud.
  14. As you can see there are quite a few functions available to you once you’ve logged into Autodesk 360 via the Communication Center. Now you should be able to take advantage of Autodesk 360 benefits, including rendering in the cloud, which will be a separate blog.If you still have questions, please give us a call at 888-768-7568 or send an email to


Published on January 21, 2015 in BIM.

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