3D Printing as the spiders do

By Roger Liucci | 3D Printing

Another reference to nature.

I love this post by Mike Murphy, “How spiders might inspire the 3D-printed industrial revolution“. He compares the incredible building skills of spiders to the future of 3d. Imagine if spiders collaborated and worked together; what amazing a very creepy structure they could build. A swam of  printers working together. I can see people reading this saying; “nope nope nope!!!” Many people don’t look at the world the same way I do. ; -). As a child I collected spiders and kept them in a fish tank, outside, until I decided to released them. The article Mike wrote for Quartz, a digitally native news outlet, was really thought provoking in regard to the future of 3D Printing. He envisions 3D Printers escaping the normal box where they are currently constrained. I agree and can see group of intelligent robots equipped with 3D Printing technology teaming up to construct something big. Jordan Brandt, a futurist at Autodesk is quoted saying “Spiders aren’t the only creatures that can work together to create new structures.” “Nature is an additive process.” This sounds like my previous post; BEES, THE ORIGINAL 3D PRINTERS. Brandt says plainly, “design is going to look more organic.” There are many robots building things right now, using subtractive and additive processes. As technology grows so will the 3d printer’s abilities and their mobility. Anther creepy thought. Tune in for more interestingly creepy ideas. Please add some of your own creepy or otherwise ideas related to 3D Printing in the comment section below. PS: Can I print something for you today?  – Roger


Published on March 31, 2015 in 3D Printing.

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