Print my heart, or yours for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines Day,

Printing is not the way to a woman’s heart. I’ve tried.
Tracey was not impressed. :- ) Seeing the stars of “Grey’s Anatomy” printing a heart was however impressive.

In the post by I found out that even the sitcoms are aware of the technologically cool factor of 3D Printing. In the episode ‘The Bed’s Too Big Without You’ Meredith prints a heart and liver model. Helping her and the other surgeons get a tumor. Cristina is hoping to one day, print new conduit for her patient. Add a little extra drama and possibly a love triangle and you’ve got another great episode. 😉

The image below is the model printed for the show using 3D System’s ProJet 660 printer. The ProJet 660 prints in full color and can easily print a full size heart. Maybe not as big as my wife Tracey’s heart, but 15″ x 10″ x 8″ is pretty big.


I agree with when they say; “At this stage, engineering-based solutions for reconstructive surgical problems are a part of the standard medical tool kit, and customized prosthetics are common.”

Tune in for more details in the medical category or contact us for more info.


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