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As companies embark on their digitization path it is crucial to find solutions that cover all aspects from design to handover and allow for a seamless flow of information. Interested in surveying and data capture into a 3D model or 2D drawing, so you can start your design with accurate dimensions?

Scan to BIM means capturing a space, and turning it into a digital model that can be used for planning, monitoring or managing the built environment, and communicating and sharing project information with stakeholders.

GeoSLAM Scan to BIM is a simple way of rapidly capturing essential information about a space, creating a point cloud and importing the data into a BIM software, like Autodesk Revit.

Watch this video to hear from Brian Rosensteel, Senior Solutions Architect of GeoSLAM as he shows how Scan to BIM would unlock valuable information about buildings through their lifecycle and transform your project and business.

During this presentation, Brian reviews how to:

  • Optimize rapid scanning to create or update a BIM model up to 10 times faster than traditional scanners.
  • Scan large areas with GeoSLAM from up to 100 meters away using quick and easy data capture that you don’t need to outsource.
  • Import, view, and interrogate all data captured, and rapidly create valuable 2D and 3D layouts and placements of your site.
  • Surveying stairs, small rooms, tight spaces, and GNSS denied environments in fast, repeatable data capture.

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