Revit Families + Enscape Assets = Bring Your Designs to Life!

By Miriam Schrier | Video

Architecture exists in the real world for real people that will interact with it. Access to high-quality entourage is key to providing context for your designs and making your models feel alive.

During this presentation , Josh Radle, Application Engineer at Enscape, takes a deep dive into entourage. He also demonstrates how Enscape works with Revit Families and explores how Enscape can turn Revit Families into photo-realistic objects.

During this presentations, viewers will learn:

  • How to leverage the +2,500 high-quality assets that ship with Enscape.
  • The two Revit workflows you need to know to keep your drawings looking clean and your 3D scenes incredibly life-like.
  • About free sites you can visit for high-quality 3D Models and what to look out for before you download a model.
  • How to create and build out a library of custom assets you can share with your firm.

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