Optimize Energy Efficient Design of Building Facades

By Microsol Resources | Video

Watch this video as we discuss design and performance of the next generation of facades and use the BIM workflow. Discover how to maintain control of the aesthetic design of the building, eliminating costly late stage redesign, improving the design process, and allowing architects to maintain control over the aesthetic design process.

How do you design energy-efficient buidlings from the earliest point in the design process? Simon Whelan of FenestraPro discusses how to:

  • Identify the broad effects of building facades on global land energy use.
  • Recognize how the typology of a building varies the impact of building facades on the building energy performance.
  • Determine the differing end uses of energy consumption affected by the facades.
  • Optimize the solar, thermal and daylighting characteristics of a facade at an early stage in the design process based on the buildings typology, orientation, and location using FenestraPro Premium for Revit.


Published on March 1, 2018 in , .

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