Automate Sheet and View Management with IdeateApps

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Revit Sheet and View management has never been so automated, easy, and powerdul. Watch our previously recorded webinar to learn how to use IdeateApps, a software add-on application for Autodesk Revit, tools to manage data and views that appear on Revit sheets, duplicate sheets and viewports while keeping views aligned between sheets, and create smart naming and smart rules to automate and batch create multiple views.

Review this webinar, as Richard Taylor, Technical Evangelist at Ideate Software, provides us with tips & tricks for using IdeateApps tools, as well as:

  • Overview of Sheet and View tools in Ideate Apps.
  • Using BIM standards for naming conventions for view naming.
  • Customize the rules for creating new views.
  • Explore creative workflows in Ideate Apps.

INDUSTRIES: Buildings, Civil Infrastructure, Construction

Published on October 30, 2018 in .

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