Assessing Progress & Challenges of New York’s Aging Infrastructure

By Microsol Resources | Video

In March 2014, the Center for an Urban Future documented an array of challenges and vulnerabilities resulting from the city’s aging infrastructure in a report titled “Caution Ahead”.

This report revealed that many of the city’s roads, bridges, subway signals, water and sewer mains, and public buildings are in varying states of disrepair. It identified a minimum investment of $47.3 billion over the next 5-years to bring the city’s core infrastructure to a state of good repair.

Watch this video as Jonathan Bowles, Executive Director at the Center for an Urban Future, focuses on the new study which provides a 5-year update to the initial assessment of New York City’s aging infrastructure vulnerabilities.

In this update to the landmark report on New York City’s aging infrastructure, we find that the city has made record-level capital investments, but results have been mixed. Increased usage and new stresses from climate change make bringing the city’s core infrastructure to a state of good repair all the more essential.


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