This is Crazy, but Call Me, Maybe?

By Microsol Resources | IT

Back in the “day” I used to refer clients with subscription and other issues to the Autodesk Business Center, or ABC for short. Clients needed to change their Subscription Manager or had forgotten their password. ABC was usually the fastest way to rectify this.

That is until Autodesk discontinued their 800 number for customers. I was unaware of this until a client told me that when they called the number, the message said “No longer in service”. Sadness!

Now what? So I spoke with the reseller’s ABC contact and was told there was STILL a way. When they walked me through how to do this online, it was a rather circuitous route. So let me be your friendly tour guide.

We begin at
contact us
After picking the “Contact Us” link on the lower right, on the Contact Us page, pick Customer Service on the upper left:
custommer service
On the Customer Service page, upper right, pick the “Other Topics” link:
other topics
Then towards the middle right again, pick the “I Still Need Help” button:
still need help
This expands the web page down, and there is now a button for “Contact Us”:
contact us later
Once again the web page expands down an on the lower left is the option to “Chat”:
need assistance

Note that the hours are 24/5, not 7. Chat is available Monday to Friday. But hey! It’s the weekend already. Go home and relax!


Published on March 15, 2013 in IT.

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