LMTOOLS and IPv6 Implementations

By Anna Liza Montenegro | IT

We recently noticed that LMTOOLS 11.12 can be sensitive to the IP implementation on the host.  If the host is running IPv6, and you have only installed the IPv4 version of LMTOOLS, the server will not give out licenses.

To determine the IP implementation of the host, open up a command line (CMD.EXE or PowerShell), and run the IPCONFIG command. See screen shot below:
IPv4 - IPv6
If your host has multiple NICs, make sure to check each network connection for IPv6.

In all cases, you must install the IPv4 tools first.  The IPv6 package does not contain an actual installer, it only has a few files that you manually copy to the program’s directory, overwriting versions created by the IPv4 installer.  If you currently run LMTOOLS on the host, you will be prompted to uninstall the previous version, and install the new one.  A reboot will not be required.

After you have installed the IPv4 version, the instructions to update to IPv6 is detailed in the README.TXT ( ).

Here’s a brief summary of the necessary steps:

  • Stop LMTOOLS.  (We recommend doing this in services.msc; you can also do it in LMTOOLS.)
  • Extract the IPv6 files.  You will need to copy them to the existing LMTOOLS directory, overwriting the existing files.
  • Restart LMTOOLS.

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Published on May 5, 2014 in IT.

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