How do you create and set up Bluebeam profiles?

By John Bullick | Data Management

Profiles in Bluebeam Revu provide an easy way to store your favorite toolbars, menus, and other display settings so that the tools you find most useful are readily available each time you open Revu.

Profiles can also be used to shape the User Interface of Revu for particular job functions within an organization. For example, a simplified interface for users who view, but do not need to edit, PDFs can be created by turning off most of the toolbars and tabs within Revu and maximizing viewing space.

A profile like that could be easily tweaked by turning back on some basic markup toolbars and tabs, without the more advanced editing functions, to create a profile for users who need some basic markup capabilities.

Read on to learn how to choose a preloaded Profile or create your own as well as how you import or export Bluebeam Revu profiles.



Preloaded Profiles



Managing Profiles

There are several functions available from the Manage Profiles dialog box, including renaming existing profiles, adding new profiles, importing and exporting profiles, and deleting profiles.

Go to View >  Profiles or click > Profiles on the Navigation Bar to open the Manage Profiles dialog box.

Active: Switch between active profiles by selecting from this dropdown list.

Import: Click to import an existing profile saved on a local or network drive. See Importing and Exporting Profiles instructions above for more information about importing Profiles.

NoteDouble-clicking a .bpx file from Windows Explorer will automatically import it.

Export: Click to export a selected profile. This option is only available when a profile is selected from the Profile list. See Importing and Exporting Profiles for more information about exporting Profiles.

Include Dependencies: Embeds toolsets, bookmark Structures™ (eXtreme only), hatch patterns, and line style sets in the exported Profile.

Add: Click to name the current configuration and add it as a profile. See Creating Custom Profiles (above) for more details.

Modify: Click to rename a selected profile. This option is only available when a profile is selected from the Profile list.

Delete: Click to delete a selected profile. This option is only available when a profile is selected from the Profile list.

LocationDefine the location of shared, centralized profiles. Click the  button to the right of the field to browse to the centralized location. Any new or modified profiles stored in this location will be immediately available. They cannot, however, be permanently modified by individual users: any changes a user makes to a shared profile only affect that user and are lost when Revu is closed.

When going offline, users can continue to use the shared profile that was active when they went offline. The user would not receive updates to the profile until they went back online, however. Similarly, other shared profiles would be available to an offline user but might have reduced functionality (notably, some toolsets might be unavailable).

NoteUsers can save modified, local copies of shared profiles by clicking Add. Such profiles will not be available to other users and will not benefit from updates made to the centralized profile.


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Published on June 29, 2021 in Data Management.

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