AutoCAD MEP 2012 – Crosshairs Disappear

By Anna Liza Montenegro | IT

As I was reading my daily dose of AUGI Forum threads today, I came across this post and thought I would share.  The gist of it is this…

In AutoCAD MEP 2012, the user loses his crosshairs in the drawing window routinely.  The Windows “pointer” still works, and he can select AutoCAD menu items, or type in the Command Line, but the pointer totally disappears in the graphics area.  Sometimes this will happen when switching from AutoCAD to another active window, and other times when switching from one drawing to another.  Interestingly, the crosshairs will show correctly in one drawing, but not the other, and will only reappear after the user closes out of the suspect drawing and reopens it!

How weird is that?

For comparison sake, the user’s PC includes the Windows 7 64-bit OS, 12GB of RAM, and an ATI 4800HD graphics card with 512MB of RAM.  He’s also using a Microsoft Laser Mouse 6000 and all graphics card and mouse drivers are current.  Not too shabby by any means!

What really caught my attention was the fact that the user feels like this issue started after installing the latest AutoCAD Service Pack.  Say what?!?  Hmm, I feel like there is a theme from my posts this week, but I digress…

The moral of this story is that the user was smart enough to reach out to Autodesk, and guess what?  This is a known issue!  However, they haven’t yet been able to identify the root of the problem because of the very nature of the random behavior.  It should go without saying that if Autodesk can’t reproduce the issue, they can’t fix it, so they need your help.

If you or anyone you know is experiencing this issue, please contact Autodesk Support and report it!

You may also want to post your experience on the AUGI forum thread as Autodesk does monitor the forums.


Published on September 13, 2011 in IT.

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