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By Anna Liza Montenegro | IT

Sooner or later you’ll decide it’s time to upgrade the ole’ diehard workhorse you’ve been using for the last three (3) or more years, and buy a new computer to replace that out-of-date workstation.  It’s reached the end of its useful life.  You are sad to see it go, but you know it’s time to put it out of its misery!  Before doing so however, you may be wondering how you’re going to get all of your Autodesk product(s) transferred first.  Well there is a method called Online License Transfer (OLT) that you may not be aware of.  It utilizes the License Transfer Utility (LTU), which is automatically installed with all Autodesk 2010 and later products.  Note it is not compatible with 2009 and prior versions, so if you have a 2010 or newer product that you want to transfer, read on…

When installing Autodesk standalone software on a replacement machine, the recommended procedure is to use the built-in LTU.  When you use the LTU, it first exports the License from your original computer to an Autodesk server in the Cloud.  You then import your License from the Cloud to your new computer in order to activate the same Autodesk product.  Transferring your License online consists of two (2) primary steps: Exporting your License and Importing your License.

To Export your License, first shut down the software; it can’t be running while using the LTU.  Then go to Start → All Programs → Autodesk → <Product and Version – English> → License Transfer Utility as seen in the example below.  **Note that for MACs the LTU application can be found in the same folder as the Autodesk product you want to transfer.**  Please note that this tool should be invoked on the old machine before you retire it and requires an Internet connection:

LTU on Start Menu

Once you click the utility, a dialog similar to the one below will open:

LTU Dialog 1

Assuming you have an Autodesk account / login, you will click the Sign In… button and save (export) your License info to the Cloud from the old machine as seen below:

LTU Sign In

You will then see the License Export dialog, notice that it lets you know that you are deactivating the product on your computer, as well as the fact that you have to use the same serial number on the new machine.  Click Export:

LTU Export

The final step in the Export process is the License Export Confirmation dialog box that indicates that your License export was successful.  Once you see that, you know your License is now on Autodesk’s server.  Click Finish and you are done with the old machine.  Then after installing your Autodesk product on the new machine—using the download or media you have, and inputting the same serial number and product code—invoke the LTU on your new machine to transfer your license from the Cloud.  The LTU will automatically recognize that you are importing a License, and prompt you to sign in to your Autodesk account again.  After logging in, the License will be transferred and you will see a License Import Confirmation dialog box.  Close the dialog, launch the software and you will see that it is activated and running once again.

For some readers, the LTU will greatly simplify their life!  However, for the poor souls who have already killed their old machine or it died on its own—or perhaps the utility is not working for some reason—you’ll just need to call the Autodesk activation department and request activation, indicating to them that you’ve had issues with the LTU. You can reach the Autodesk Global Service and Support line at 1-866-681-4359, with your request code.  Autodesk is the only one who can activate a License manually, so Microsol Resources is unable to do it for you. However, we want to help where we can, so if you still have questions feel free to contact us at 888.768.7568.

On a final note, here are some important points about License Transfer:

  • Utility Availability:The LTU is only available with 2010 and later products. If you’re using a 2009 or earlier version, use the Portable License Utility
  • Product Specific:You must use the LTU installed and located in the same directory where the software you wish to transfer resides. It is specific to that software and cannot be used for other products or versions.
  • Autodesk Account and Internet Connection Required:An Internet connection is required to use the LTU and you must have an Autodesk user ID and password, available from If your system is down or if you otherwise can’t access the Internet or the LTU, you’ll need to request licensing assistance.
  • No Transfer Limit:There is no limit to the number of times you can use the LTU to transfer your Autodesk license; however, please read your Software License Agreement to make sure you are not exceeding the number of allowed installations for your Autodesk product.

For the Autodesk Technical Bulletin on this topic, please see the following page:

In addition, below is a link to an Autodesk video showing the process with a 2010 product.  It’s changed a little since then, but should be helpful as well:



Published on August 15, 2013 in IT.

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