Consolidate your data with Panzura CloudFS global cloud file system

Panzura CloudFS is a global cloud file system built from the ground up to power enterprise-scale deployments in the cloud, and allow distributed teams to work collaboratively. CloudFS goes beyond hybrid cloud file storage to offer a global cloud file solution that delivers unprecedented cloud performance and scale, with exceptional operational efficiencies, and inherent ransomware protection. Need to optimize data storage management and distribution in the cloud?


Leverage your entire workforce, globally

Leverage your global workforce with PanzuraConsolidate data from multiple locations into a single authoritative data set that’s deduplicated, compressed and protected against ransomware.

The result is one globally-accessible data set, optimized storage containing no redundant data, a resilient file system that requires no additional backup, rapid disaster recovery, one view over your entire file network, and the same enterprise-grade file performance for every user, in every location.

More than simply a replacement for your legacy NAS, it’s a complete data management solution for the cloud age.

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