Complete Data Visibility and Management

A modern organization’s greatest asset is its data. Forward-thinking leadership understands the profound impact great data visibility and management can have on strategy and their ability to make better decisions.

One of the greatest challenges in realizing the value of this data asset is that unstructured data remains widely distributed across storage silos, locations and applications. As data volumes grow, regulatory requirements and cyber threats increase, the need for data management tools – tools to find files, check on file access, recover deleted or damaged files, spot behavioral anomalies and provide file system observability – becomes increasingly pressing.

Gaining a competitive edge, or achieving ambitious goals depends on the ability to intelligently manage, find, audit, analyze and work with trustworthy data quickly, easily and efficiently. Panzura Data Services is a SaaS data management solution providing a single, unified view and management of unstructured data, regardless of where it’s stored.

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Panzura Data Services vastly reduces the amount of time spent finding files and file activity by providing visibility, findability and activity monitoring over disparate file systems, from one elegant dashboard.

Restoring deleted or damaged files from backups is time-consuming and incredibly inefficient. With CloudFS, Data Services finds and restores files in seconds by searching through snapshots and letting you retrieve the version you want.

Panzura’s Data Services’ ability to track file movement and access allows organizations to monitor and prove data compliance as well as track data spillage, to avoid fines for potential breaches.

Complete visibility over file systems and associated infrastructure allows detection of issues requiring early intervention, as well as providing a clear view of what normal operation looks like.

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Replacing individual search, audit and monitoring tools with a single pane of glass that also incorporates CloudFS management capabilities offers tremendous potential for organizations to substantially reduce the time IT teams spend on operational activity.