Ideate Explorer

Revit Model Management. Keep your BIM Projects Clean and Accurate!

You can use Ideate Explorer for Revit extensively to manage Revit models. With it, you can search for and find any and all elements in the current view or entire Revit file – even ‘missing’ and hard-to-find ones – clean-up Revit projects and keep them clean, delete problem items to dramatically reduce cumbersome, erroneous file size, and analyze files quickly. This essential Revit tool makes it easy to assess Revit file health, execute necessary changes quickly and get a BIM project back on the right path.


Product Features

Ideate Explorer Features

Revit professionals keep their models clean and accurate with Ideate Explorer. When using this model browser, as opposed to a project browser, users decrease the time they spend on model management, increase the accuracy of their models, and reduce file space by:

  • Finding and deleting incorrect, obsolete, and hidden problem items, including DWGs
  • Finding, refining, and revising elements, even those excluded from the project browser
  • Getting a full view of any Revit model and understanding all elements in the model
  • Easily complying with standards
  • Auditing and removing Revit warnings


Warnings Manager

Keep your Revit models in top working order and avoid slow synchronization times and even file corruption with the Warnings Manager function of Ideate Explorer, which:

  • Ranks Warnings based on importance
  • Notifies users when a “High” ranked warning appears in the model
  • Enables users to easily fix problems using tools in Revit while the Warnings Manager dialog box is open


Revit users rely on the Query feature in Ideate Explorer to search on any parameter value and quickly find and filter elements, including:

  • Unused annotation
  • Structural usage/Area scheme
  • Design options
  • In-place usage
  • Revisions


Ideate Explorer Specifications

  • Ideate Explorer runs on Revit Architecture, Revit MEP, and Revit Structure for both 32- and 64-bit approved platforms. Microsoft Remote Desktop and other virtualized platforms such as Citrix and VMware are only supported by the network version.
  • Ideate Explorer for Revit is designed to work in conjunction with its corresponding Revit version. The Hardware and operating systems that are required for Ideate Explorer are similar to those needed for Autodesk® Revit 2019.
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