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Microsol Resources is committed to providing outstanding customer service. As a team, we are passionate about helping customers improve their productivity and overall business processes.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide the best services and solutions for your organization. Hear what some of our clients have to say about us!

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From our technical support team to our project staffing division, hear what our customers believe are the top benefits of working with us.

Can you describe Microsol Resources in one word?

Outstanding, friendly, and partnership are just a few of the words that our clients use to describe us.

Client Testimonials

“We’ve been doing business (with Microsol Resources) for almost 18 years… They have a very good idea of what we do and why we do it. It gave me a really good comfort level… When we embarked on our Revit, we brought in Microsol Resources. The technical support is outstanding.”

George Podolak Director of IT
Pei Cobb Freed & Partners Architects

“[Microsol Resources] bridge the gap between CAD management and corporate IT – Technical support in Microsol Resources is very strong. They have a strong foundation in all of the products… The way that they are organized is they have their subject matter experts in each of the products and division.”

Elise Travers VP of Global CAD/CAFM Tech, Store Devt.
Ralph Lauren

“When I first started out, I was really the only one in the office who had any background in Revit. The most important time is when I learned you have support. To have this place that I can go to… These employees who have been with you for such a long time. This is a testament to your being a great employer and in providing great services that you can build up your most import resources which is your employees.”

Jan Leenknegt BIM Manager, BIG
Bjarke Ingels Group

“Working with Microsol Resources is like working with friends or family. The technical support is a one-stop shop. If you’re calling about networking, the application or about the licensing, they know exactly where to point you.”

Patrick Lee Director of IT
H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture

“Our company used to work using Microstation. We were having some elements of Microstation were bloating. Our CAD drawings not workable. We worked with Microsol Resources to devise a script to clean the files so we can start working on it again.”

Chris Lardaro IT Manager
Handel Architects

“Since 2003, we have been working in close relation with Autodesk. We call Microsol when we need it – guidance regarding implementation, assessment of our current workflow, BIM – and Microsol was there and was able to guide us through the right path.”

Maura Candelaria Director of BIM
Jaros Baum& Bolles (JB+B)

“They had very thorough answers and they gave me the support I need to get things fixed. The response time is always good, and the service is always friendly.”

Dan Bracey Senior Associates Director of Design Technology
HLW International

“I have a very interesting relationship with Microsol Resources. You don’t expect your software vendor to actually help you make strategic decisions about your company. The fact that Microsol Resources is interested in design excellence in addition to being a service provider makes a difference.”

Ronette Riley Principal
Ronette Riley Architect

“I’ve been working with Microsol Resources for at least ten years, and it has been a terrific relationship… always teaching us what’s new and it’s great. It feels good to be working with them because it means that you are working with the best.”

Gustavo Amaris Senior Associate
Severud Associates

“Very easy to do business with Microsol Resources. They’re always there (for us). They are at the top of their game.”

Tom Iacovone Network Engineer
ADS Engineers