Autodesk Build Essentials

This course will teach you how to take the fundamentals of creating and contributing to an online project in the Autodesk Build platform.

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Working knowledge of a Windows OS and Web Browser, Autodesk Docs Essentials or general familiarity with the Autodesk Construction Cloud


In-Person & Live Online Training Duration: 8 hours & Valid for 8 AIA LU
OnDemand Training: Not applicable for AIA LU
Custom Training: Hours & AIA LU Varies


This course will teach you how to take the fundamentals of creating and contributing to an online project in the Autodesk Build platform.


  • An introduction to AUTODESK BUILD: In this session we will be logging into the Autodesk Construction Cloud and the various tools available with Autodesk Build. We will also cover the platform at a high level and emphasize the importance of adding References between the many tools to make navigating through the project data more fluid.
  • The AUTODESK BUILD Interface: An introduction and explanation of the various modules. dashboards and metrics.
    • Sheets
    • Files
    • Issues
    • Forms
    • Photos
    • RFIs
    • Submittals
    • Meetings
    • Schedule
    • Assets
    • Reports
    • Bridge
  • Review of Autodesk Docs functionality: briefly cover Files and Issues, which is part of the Docs platform.
  • Sheets: Upload and manage Sheets into Version Sets, rename sheet names, work with hyperlinks, add and publish markups, add issues, add References to Sheets.
  • Forms: Create custom form templates within Autodesk Build, or upload a smart PDF.
  • Photos: Take photos with the mobile app, add manual tags, add photos as References to other tools.
  • RFIs: Create an RFI, Respond to an RFI, send reminder emails, add watchers, respond via Email
  • Submittals: Create a Submittal, review Submittal Package, approving Submittal
  • Meetings: Create meeting Agenda, generate Teams or Zoom link, add and manage action Items, convert to meeting minutes, attach files, add References
  • Schedule: Import a Schedule, manage schedule items
  • Assets: Add Assets, manage categories, add barcode, add References
  • Reports: Manage reports, schedule reports, create report templates
  • Bridge: create a Bridge from one project to another, share files across bridge, setup Bridge automations
  • Account & Project Administration: Create Projects, Build Templates, Invite Members, control access


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