Media & Entertainment Collection | Bring breathtaking scenes and characters to life for film, TV, and games

Get access to a comprehensive set of digital entertainment content creation tools used by AAA games makers and top Hollywood studios.

BENEFITS OF USING Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection

The Media & Entertainment Collection includes all of the tools you need to build a powerful and scalable 3D animation pipeline for complex simulations, effects, and rendering.

  • From detailed battle sequences to hyperrealistic creatures, render your toughest projects with Arnold.
  • Create complex effects including explosions, fire, sand, and snow with Bifrost for Maya.
  • Empower artists with a choice of tools to produce beautiful, film-quality work every time.


Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection Features

  • Easier software and license management

    Eliminate the headache of managing multiple product licenses. Get insights on product use. Easily download, install, and use as many products within the collection as you want, whenever you like.

  • Access the latest and previous releases

    Ensure software compatibility with all team members by accessing previous versions when you need them. Stay current with the latest releases. Deploy updates whenever you want.

  • Rendering power

    Scale up your ability to output more, high-quality renders with 5 Arnold licenses.

  • Scalable simulation

    Create sophisticated effects as scale with the ability to run Bifrost on up to 15 machines.

  • Access to creative tools

    Equip artists with a broad range of 3D tools at every stage of production.

  • Hiring flexibility

    Don’t let your pipeine and tools limit your ability to hire the best artist for the job.

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  • Autodesk Rendering Only available in the collection
  • Arnold Only available in the collection
  • Autodesk Recap Pro 360
  • Autodesk Maya 1615
  • Autodesk 3ds Max 1785

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