Winning in Pre-Construction

Across the board, large construction projects take an average of 20 percent longer to finish than scheduled and are up to 80 percent over budget. That’s according to a recent McKinsey report on the future of construction technology.

Most of the issues during construction that leads to over-budget, past-due projects become obvious late in the construction process.

How can you ensure your preconstruction team focuses on both driving accurate estimates and schedules as well as properly demonstrating visuals of the project scope and sequence?

Download this Autodesk report and learn how to ensure teams win more work and promote successful execution during construction.

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WIN MORE WORK | Improving your bid accuracy and efficiency is the first step in winning work. But on top of that, differentiating from the competition with better visual quantity management will bump up your win rates even more.

MORE ACCURATE BUDGETS | When teams have the most up to date models and quantification is automated with more collaborative based solutions, estimates are not only more accurate, but also more competitive.

INCREASE EFFICIENCY | By using sophisticated quantification solutions, teams are able to produce bids faster with more confident quantities.

BUDGET CONTROL | Tracking quantity trends by scope as the design develops prevents budget slips and can facilitate conversations for optimizing design early to lower costs.

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Leveraging model data for quantification has resulted in significant cost and time saving. With the use of Assemble, our takeoff time has decreased by up to 40%.

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