The Effective Construction Cost Management Playbook


This playbook provides insights into the key areas that impact cost control. It is a study guide to support and improve your cost management tactics and strategy.

The lessons and the industry professionals in this report teach effective and improved cost management as the essential step towards project efficiency, maximizing profits, minimizing project costs, and establishing accountability.

The lessons include:
  • Effective Construction Cost Management: The Ball is in Your Court with Esteban Corrales
  • Standardization: The Cornerstone of Construction Cost Control with Jake Williams
  • Optimization: The Construction Cost Management Superpower with Josh Cheney
  • Your Mission: Transformation through Business Intelligence with Chris Fish

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Each construction endeavor initiates, produces, and possesses the capability to accumulate data. Harness this data effectively— it is important to employ it for project management and analysis and utilize it to facilitate informed decision-making.

Establishing a singular, streamlined, and proficient approach to tasks is crucial. Facilitate this report’s methods for widespread dissemination and strategic allocation to engender a structured, replicable, and predictable pattern that can be readily trusted and relied upon.

To optimize your cost management workflows, your systems and data must be connected and integrated; and the data must be housed within a single, cloud-based construction management platform.

With a central repository of data, you don’t have to wait for reports to be generated or someone to track down numbers from different places. With the most up-to-date information at your fingertips, you have the power to drive better results through deeper insights.

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