The Cloud’s Critical Role in Construction Cost Control


Within this comprehensive report, you will gain valuable insights into implementing cloud-based software, enabling you to elevate profitability and mitigate risks effectively.

As construction becomes increasingly complex, dialed-in cost management practices become essential.

In this guide, you’ll learn:
  • Streamlining Cost Management Workflows and Maximizing Returns with the Cloud
  • Why Cost Management Matters
  • How to Overcome the Most Common Cost Management Hurdles with the Cloud
  • How Cloud-Based Software Saves the Day for Commercial Construction
  • Key Workflows for a Successful Cost Management Strategy

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Effective cost management is at the core of every successful construction project. It is a requirement across all project stages, spanning from the initial planning and design phases to accommodating change orders and ultimately culminating with the conclusive signoff upon project completion.

In many cases, project members work in silos, increasing the risk of error, miscommunication, and higher project costs down the road. In fact, consulting giant KPMG estimates that, in 2015, only 31% of all construction projects came within 10% of their initial budgets.1

A software platform that integrates your existing tools means that the right data will move freely from ERPs and other project management tools into your cost management solution.

A single platform with the ability to auto-generate documents needed during the change order process allows for better change order management and alleviates the risk of error.

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Through software solutions like Autodesk Construction Cloud, teams can more accurately track costs, predict risks, and ensure effective collaboration across key stakeholders. The end result is increased profits—the ultimate goal of any construction professional.