The Business Value of BIM for Mechanical and HVAC Construction


Use of BIM across the project team is critical to improve project outcomes. This SmartMarket Report takes a deep dive into the use of BIM by mechanical and HVAC contractors, and the findings reveal that their engagement is not only widespread, but it is encouraging growth in related activities such as prefabrication and modular construction. See some key findings below.

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A detailed portrait of how these sheet metal, ducting, mechanical piping, plumbing and multi-trade contractors are using BIM in their work

The multiple benefits that contractors in the Mechanical and HVAC Construction space derive from using BIM,  including increasing labor productivity and profitability

The common applications of BIM-driven fabrication among mechanical contractors, and how BIM is having a positive impact on the amount of material waste, labor productivity and the quality of installed work on projects

An exploration of the key challenges preventing mechanical and HVAC contractors from wider and better use of BIM, including training needs and lack of available manpower