The 2024 State of Design & Make

In Autodesk’s 2024 “State of Design & Make” report, insights from industry leaders shed light on the key drivers of change and resilience: AI, sustainability, talent, and cost control. Leaders in architecture, engineering, construction, operations, design, manufacturing, and media and entertainment industries express optimism about their role in shaping a sustainable and resilient future world.

In this study, you will find insights from industry leaders on the predicted effects of prioritizing:

  • Optimism is returning; leaders feel their companies are far more resilient than last year.
  • Cost control has risen above talent as the top challenge for businesses.
  • Digitally mature companies are reporting even greater success.
  • Companies are already making meaningful progress on their AI adoption journeys.
  • Upskilling is essential but out of reach for many.
  • Companies are taking a multipronged approach to solving the talent problem.
  • Sustainability has become a key priority.
  • Sustainability is improving both short-term and long-term business health.

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30% drop in the number of leaders and experts who say the global landscape feels more uncertain now than 3 years ago

79% agree AI will make the industry more creative.

27% of organizations have strongly increased their investments in technology to deliver improved project outcomes over the past 3 years—more than double the rate for overall investments.

36% of experts and leaders say that employees are “very influential” in motivating them to create and meet sustainability goals, up from 23% last year, a 57% increase.

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“If you’re evaluating everything against being more sustainable, you’re going to find efficiencies that can give you a competitive advantage.” —David Spilsbury, Chief Technology Officer, Axis Studios