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Challenges have always led to innovation. Now is no different. By pairing human ingenuity with powerful technology, we can reimagine how we work, learn, and play. The report explores strategies, tools, and processes that enable you to build your firm’s resilience.

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The convergence of manufacturing and construction, and design’s role | Before COVID-19, companies were slower to adopt new technologies. Since the beginning of 2020, however, we
have seen accelerating use of cloud-based technologies and increased momentum toward breaking down information silos to support integrated project delivery. This means increased collaboration between design, manufacturing, and construction.

Reimagine the workplace | While the term “workplace” means different things to different people—from a construction site to a factory to a fulfillment center to an office—there is no question that the definition is shifting.

Project Delivery | While incremental digital transformation has certainly prompted changes in the industry over the past several years, the sheer speed and suddenness of the shift to distributed work as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected AEC project delivery in a multitude of ways.

The Role of Data | The discussion of data centered on two main topics: its value as a vehicle for alignment and insight, and the human impact of data collection and use. Both themes speak to the tension that all industries face—to become more resilient and innovative while preserving the trust of stakeholders.

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