Productivity Study: AutoCAD Mechanical toolset

Autodesk recently commissioned a study comparing basic AutoCAD to the Mechanical toolset (previously known as AutoCAD Mechanical) for performing 11 common mechanical design tasks. Results shows that the Mechanical toolset provided a 65% overall productivity gain compared with basic AutoCAD when these tasks were performed by an expert level AutoCAD user.

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For 2D CAD work, a total time reduction of approximately 55% is possible with the Mechanical toolset.

The risk of error is greatly reduced with more standardized functions and the availability of standardized parts.

With the Mechanical toolset it is possible to save about 55% of the 2D CAD working time.

For a simple project of roughly $80,000, the AutoCAD Mechanical toolset can reduce roughly 38 hours of design time. In financial terms, that is about $4,000 for one simple project.

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The Mechanical toolset software provides a level of productivity for mechanical designers and drafters that is not possible with general-purpose CAD applications such as basic AutoCAD. Because the Mechanical toolset is built specifically for mechanical design, you could realize immediate productivity benefits such as the examples discussed in this paper.