Productivity Study: AutoCAD Electrical toolset

Built specifically to create and modify electrical controls designs the Electrical toolset (previously referred to as AutoCAD Electrical) is now included as part of the AutoCAD including specialized toolsets offering. Purpose-built electrical design tools that help eliminate errors and provide accurate information to manufacturing, allow more time for design and engineering. This study details the productivity gains that users may experience when using the Electrical toolset rather than basic AutoCAD.

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This study explores 10 common design challenges and shows direct comparisons of the time and effort required to accomplish each specific task in basic AutoCAD vs the Electrical toolset. The same tasks were completed up to 95% faster using the Electrical toolset.

Users found it took 16% of the time it does to create a new design by using the electrical toolset within AutoCAD versus standard AutoCAD.

Users edited existing designs 77% faster using the electrical toolset within AutoCAD.

Risk of errors was greatly reduced because of a 67% reduction in number of commands used.

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Based on these 10 selected tasks, the Electrical toolset provides a level of productivity that is not possible with general purpose CAD applications, such as basic AutoCAD. Because the Electrical toolset is built specifically for electrical controls design, the software can allow electrical designers to realize immediate and substantial productivity gains, such as the tasks mentioned in this study.