Managing Uncertainty and Expectations in Building Design and Construction

While it is generally acknowledged that the design and construction process isn’t perfect, there has been a lack of real data about what uncertainty to expect and how to manage it well. As a result, even top-performing project teams sometimes end their work with conflict and strained client relationships.

Is perfection possible? Uncertainties in the design and construction process often create quality, cost, and schedule problems.

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Owners, design teams, and contractors contend with many types of uncertainty as they produce building projects on strict schedules and budgets in a dynamic environment of frequent change. In this context, is it realistic or even possible to expect flawless execution of error-free documents?

Understanding Uncertainty | Perspectives vary between owners, architects, and contractors on the relative importance of key drivers of uncertainty on building projects.

Performance Expectations and Metrics | While most owners (86%) report a high level of satisfaction with quality on their projects, fewer are highly satisfied with cost (63%) and schedule (64%),
regardless of owner size or project complexity.

Opportunities for Performance Improvement | Clearer direction from owners (79%), and more active leadership by owners (68%) are the top-cited mitigating elements. Nearly two-thirds (64%) identify best value or other team selection criteria not based primarily on low fee as very important.

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The survey results and interviews with the project’s Owner Advisory Group (OAG) yield a number of observations and recommendations to help project teams minimize the causes and impacts of uncertainty, establish appropriate performance expectations and improve building project outcomes for everyone. Read their observations and recommendations by downloading this report.