Overall BIM adoption and implementation levels have increased significantly, with the more deeply engaged users enjoying greater benefits and stepping up their plans for future investments. Fill out the form below to download this Smart Market report from Dodge Data and Analytics to learn more about the business value of BIM in North America, including information on the following topics:

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According to Dodge:

Owners are the greatest beneficiaries of BIM (building information modeling). Even when construction owners are not actively involved in their project teams’ use of it, BIM accrues powerful benefits to them.

Design firms always cite visualization to better engage clients and align expectations, and BIM analyses and simulations to improve design solutions as their main benefits from BIM use, and both provide benefits to owners.

Contractors’ two top BIM benefits are spatial coordination to reduce costly rework and digital fabrication to increase speed and assure quality; again, both ultimately help owners to deliver projects on time and within budget.

Almost half of owners in both the United States and United Kingdom said that BIM will be used on more than three quarters of their work within the next two years.