5 Steps to Construction Cost Control


It’s no secret construction budgeting is hard to get right.  In the last 3 years, only 31% of construction projects came within 10% of their budget. The 5 Steps to Construction Cost Control is looking to help you turn that 31% into 100%.

This report guides you on the best ways to successfully visualize and manage your construction cost strategy. Identify common overruns, learn the benefits of ditching the spreadsheet, understand where cloud based technology will save you money, and find out which tools work best for you.

Change happens. Be prepared, be proactive, and master Construction Cost Control for all your projects. Fill out the form below to download the report.


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Budget control is important in today’s uncertain environment, as construction professionals face new pressures, including labor shortages and rising material costs.

By centralizing the management of all cost activities, you ensure that your construction data is connected and auto-updates across the platform to offer an accurate view of the project’s financial health.

Now is the time to upgrade from spreadsheets and manage construction costs in the cloud by ditching the spreadsheet.

Construction firms must grapple with client disputes and miscommunications. The global average value of construction disputes was $30.7 million, according to Arcadis’ 2020 Global Construction Disputes Report.

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