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AUTHOR: Reid Addis

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Accessing your Architecture Engineering and Construction Collection Software

In order to access your Autodesk AEC industry collection software, you will want to start at this web page: https://manage.autodesk.com

After logging in, go to the Management tab at the top and select Architecture Engineering Construction Collection (AEC Collection) on the left:

Next, select one by one, as well as the release year, the software you want to download. Below is an example of downloading AutoCAD 2018. Next, click on “Downloads” under the release year:

Next, choose your download method by clicking “View All”. There are 3 methods: Install now; Download now; and Browser download:

The 3 methods behave differently.

  • Install now tries to download AND install the software. it does not give you the opportunity to control this process
  • Download now requires installing software from Autodesk to help manage the download process
  • Browser download is normal, downloading of the required files, the same way you download other files from the internet

We recommend the Browser download method. This requires that you have “pop-up” blocking either off, or enabled for this website, as most downloads involve multiple files. You will need to configure your browser for this. In addition, we recommend you change your web browser to allow you to choose where you download files to.

Clicking Browser download for AutoCAD 2018 changes the download method:

Clicking Browser Download brings up the following:

You are warned about pop-up blockers. When that has been configured correctly. Click “Start download”. If you have set downloading to prompt you for a download folder, the following dialog boxes appear:

We recommend placing the downloaded files in a network folder. So, at the top of each dialog box, change the location to that folder (e.g. “server name”/Downloads/AEC Collection).

Depending on the program, there will be a different number of files. If you download directly to your local Computer’s Download folder, move the files to the network when they finish downloading.

When the downloads are finished, browse to the network folder where these files are located and double click on the 001_ file. These downloaded files are compressed versions of the “Installation software”. They will now be decompressed in order to begin the actual installation:

As the decompression process begins, a dialog box opens and defaults to installing them on your current computer in the C:\Downloads folder. We recommend clicking the “Change” button and decompressing them in the same network folder the downloaded, compressed files are in (e.g. “server name”/Downloads/AEC Collection). Then pick OK, then OK:

Once decompression is finished, the SETUP.EXE file in the root, decompression folder will automatically run.

You may then install the product as you always have.

Again, you will need to do this for EACH of the 17 AEC Collection products you wish to install. Reach out to our Support Team if you require additional help!

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Toreador, en garde!

Ok, so maybe no Toreadors are involved, but we had an interesting support case the other day.  A client with a newly installed copy of Revit 2014 (from the Building Design Suite Premium) was crashing directly to his desktop simply by opening an RFA file, or trying to save an RVT file. Picture John Madden hitting his hands together and saying “BOOM”. No error reports to send to Autodesk, just a one way ticket out of Revit. His journals files did not contain anything either.

Well, as I had the product successfully installed and working on my computer, as usually is the case, there was something different about the two systems, but what? After we tried all possible solutions short of reformatting his hard disc (I was tempted), we contacted Autodesk tech support. And once again they came through with flying colors.

Lance Coffey, the Autodesk tech, wrote me: “I have seen “Constant Guard” (a security program Comcast provides to its customers), cause this issue (Revit crashes when any File dialog is accessed).  If they use Comcast for their ISP, check if they are using this program, and if so have them try disabling or uninstalling it.”

Well, you guessed it, they did have this installed and once it was uninstalled, Revit 2014 worked perfectly. So remember you should always be on guard, but maybe not on Constant Guard. Toreador, en garde….

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This is Crazy, but Call Me, Maybe?

Back in the “day” I used to refer clients with subscription and other issues to the Autodesk Business Center, or ABC for short. Clients needed to change their Subscription Manager or had forgotten their password. ABC was usually the fastest way to rectify this.

That is until Autodesk discontinued their 800 number for customers. I was unaware of this until a client told me that when they called the number, the message said “No longer in service”. Sadness!

Now what? So I spoke with the reseller’s ABC contact and was told there was STILL a way. When they walked me through how to do this online, it was a rather circuitous route. So let me be your friendly tour guide.

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