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Explore how Autodesk’s Connected BIM Solutions put the Power of the Cloud into your BIM Workflows

Technology is transforming the way that buildings and infrastructure are designed, constructed, and operated. It’s helping improve decision making and performance across the buildings and infrastructure lifecycle.

To learn more about how Autodesk’s Connected BIM processes goes beyond design, leveraging the power of the cloud to help make possible practically anytime, anywhere, collaboration, data continuity across a project, and provide deep insight to help improve decision-making,

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‘Secret’ Settings: Changing Image Sizes in Navisworks Clash Detection Reports

 If you found yourself looking at a default Clash Report and wondered “well, I am really interested in figuring out where exactly the clash is located and the only thing that would give me the best shot at locating the clash is the Image in the report.”

Unfortunately, a look at the ‘Options’ editor does not give us any clues as to how we would go about increasing the size of the image in question.

A few months ago, I happened to attend the opening meeting of the New York City Navisworks Users Group ( where one of the technical folks from Autodesk let us in on the ‘Secret’ settings of Navisworks.

 The ‘Secret’ Settings are accessed by holding the Shift button down whilst clicking on the ‘Options’ Button. The resultant ‘Options’ Editor will look  a little different….

Obviously, there are more ‘Options’ here. On investigating another solution, I found I was supposed to look under Registry>Current User>Clash Detection>Reports for the image-size setting. I could not find this at all.

So what was I missing?

Knowing how finicky software can be, I ran a test clash to generate a report (using HTML tabular format) and then tried the ‘Secret’ Options yet again. This time the option to modify the size of the image in the clash report (in pixels) appeared.

WARNING: Some of the settings affect the windows registry. A colleague of mine had to repair the Navisworks installation after a couple of wrong moves. So, proceed with extreme caution – there is a reason why these settings are ‘secret’.

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Latest Autodesk 2012 Service Packs

In case you aren’t paying attention, Autodesk has released Service Packs (SP) for quite a few of the 2012 products in recent weeks.  Yesterday (September 8, 2011) a SP was released for all the Navisworks products:

This patch will update the entire Navis family in one swoop…Freedom, Manage, and Simulate.  Interestingly, the Autodesk website lists 2011 as the product this SP is for, but I assure you it is not.  I’m sure it won’t be long before someone at Autodesk figures it out and updates the error.

Meanwhile, the AutoCAD 2012 SP1 was published on September 1, 2011 and can be found here:

Note the AutoCAD-based vertical products (AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD MEP, AutoCAD Map 3D, and AutoCAD Civil 3D) are not yet available, but I’ll be waiting/watching and update you when they are out.

For the BIM folks, the entire suite of Revit products were updated in June 2011.  See below for a link to each flavor:

Revit Architecture 2012

Revit MEP 2012

Revit Structure 2012

Once you install these updates, your Build should be listed as:

Update Release 1

Obviously your Build listing will be slightly different if you don’t have a 64-bit Operating System, but who in their right mind is using Revit 2012 on an old 32-bit machine anyway, right?

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