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Revit+Showcase = Classy Design Presentations with Minimal Effort

One of the neat things about using Revit is the fact that most Building components that come with the software or provided by manufacturers have Parametric Material information; In this context ‘parametric’ simply means that one is able to change how a particular component is displayed in terms of its color/texture/transparency and the like without performing complex gymnastics. What this means to designers is that they can now create multiple options and configurations by simply moving geometry around and flipping a few menu options. This post assumes that you already know how to do this in Revit and will focus on what happens next. This workflow using AutoDesk Showcase with Revit is immensely useful for all designers especially the ones dealing with planning and consensus building as is usually the case with Health-care and Pharmaceutical projects. Quick turnaround times coupled with convincing renderings make this workflow the nifty ninja among stodgy medieval knights using AutoCAD/Sketch-up/3DMax/freehand workflows.


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