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Use your Autodesk Software at Home or While on Field

If you are an Autodesk subscriber or have perpetual license(s) on active Autodesk maintenance plan(s), you have the ability to install your Autodesk software on a secondary workstation such as a laptop or home office computer. To see an eligible product list click here.

For Autodesk software with single-user access type the assigned end user can simply access Autodesk Account with unique user login information and download the software using product serial number, product key and download link provided to a home machine or laptop. Per Autodesk policy, only one instance of the software can be active at any one time.

Additional steps are required if you have Autodesk software with multi-user access type. The contract administrator, Contract Manager or Software Coordinator(s),  can either check out a license from the network license server or request a companion single-user serial number be created by making the request within Autodesk Account. If you are an end user, you will need to contact the administrator to fulfill this request. Administrators can follow the steps below to request a companion serial number be created within Autodesk Account.

If you are a Contract Manager or Software Coordinator(s), here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Sign in to your Autodesk Account at
  2. Click on the Management tab at the top of the page.
  3. Under Products & Services select the product and click Get home use license under More actions.
  4. Click the Request a separate license link in the Multi-user column to open the request form.
  5. Enter the requested information and click the Send Request button:
    • Version: Enter the version year for the software.
    • Quantity: Enter the number of licenses you need that you have available.
    • Contact Information: Enter an email address and phone number so Autodesk can provide the license file and contact you if more information is needed.

Note:  While in most cases the turnaround time is much sooner, please allow up to 5 business days to process your request and receive an email from Autodesk with serial number (s).

Are you still having trouble? Call us at 888-768-7568!

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Activating Your Autodesk Subscription Software

As Autodesk’s subscription model matures, over time the activation process has changed. In addition, there are some variations in the activation process, depending on how you have licensed your software. We’ll keep this post updated with the latest methods used to activate your software.

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Autodesk Home Use

Please note, there is an updated version of this blog post here. 

There are plenty of customers who need to use Autodesk software at work, as well as, at home. If you’re a Subscription Customer who falls into this category, you will need to request a license to use Autodesk software at home.

Only Contract Managers and Software Coordinators have the ability to request the use of Autodesk software on both home and office computers. Therefore, if you’re the end user, you will need to contact your Contract Manager to fulfill this request.

Moving on, if you are a Contract Manager or Software Coordinator, here are the steps you need to follow:  (more…)

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