Fast and robust building simulation software for consulting engineers

Tas Engineering has a modular design, with dedicated programs serving a specific purpose, facilitating a methodical workflow.


Whole building energy analysis

Built for Building Energy Modeling(BEM), helping professionals design, retrofit, and operate high-performance buildings. It is a complete package for whole building energy analysis and HVAC systems design, used by engineers, sustainability specialists, and architects worldwide.

Comfort Analysis - Tas EDSL

Fast, accurate simulation capabilities

Daylight Simulations - Tas EDSL


Tas’ architecture and computational core provides fast, accurate simulation capabilities along with a flexible workflow. Interoperability with industry-standard BIM and BEM tools leads to reduced modeling and simulation time and an enhanced user experience.

ASHRAE Compliant

Tas Engineering includes a 90.1 studio which does all the hard work for you, generating baseline building geometry and lighting gains for 90.1 versions 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016 as well as providing tools for calculating efficiencies for baseline equipment based on sized capacity, fuel type, climate zone, etc.

Tas is compliant with ASHRAE 140-1 2014, 2007, and 2004, as well as being a qualified 179D software for Tax deductions.


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