Tas is built for Building Energy Modeling(BEM), helping professionals design, retrofit, and operate high-performance buildings. It is a complete package for whole building energy analysis and HVAC systems design, used by engineers, sustainability specialists, and architects worldwide.

Tas’ architecture and computational core provides fast, accurate simulation capabilities along with a flexible workflow. Interoperability with industry-standard BIM and BEM tools leads to reduced modeling and simulation time and an enhanced user experience.

Tas is a fully validated US DOE qualified tool, and can be used to satisfy LEED, Title 24, and ASHRAE 90.1-based requirements.


Product Features

Tas Features

What Tas does:
ASHRAE load and HVAC sizing
Building energy simulation
Energy-based cost estimation
CO2 analysis
Daylight analysis


Why choose Tas?


  • Quickly draw or import geometry
  • Interoperable with BIM and BEM tools
  • Component based customization for both air-side and plant room
  • Apporixunately 30X faster than industry-standard tools


  • Modern, intuitive UI for reduced data input time
  • Built-in visualization tools, easy data output
  • Smart live model warning and error checking management
  • Template HVAC systems


  • Automatable via scripting and API
  • Includes utilities library and customizable databases
  • Programmable for parametric optimization

Tas is a fully validated US DOE qualified tool that can be used as part of LEED, CA Title 24, and ASHRAE 90.1.



Tas Specifications

Tas is a 64bit application that supports multi-threading and peer-to-peer* simulation.

Supported Environments:     

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 10
  • Windows installations on Mac OS via:
    • VMware Fusion
    • Parallels Desktop
    • Boot Camp

EDSL support Windows 10. Microsoft support ending for Windows 7, as such EDSL will try to support customers on Windows 7


  • Minimum Hardware:
    • 1024 x 786 screen resolution
    • 2GHz+, 64bit Intel / AMD CPU
    • 4GB RAM
    • Integrated 3D graphics
  • Recommended Hardware:
    • Full HD screen resolution
    • Intel core i7  (5th gen or newer) / AMD equivalent CPU
    • 16GB of RAM
    • Integrated 3D graphics
  • Performance Hardware:
    • Full HD / 4K screen resolution
    • AMD Threadripper / Intel Xeon / Intel i9 CPU (maximize cores & clock speed for CBDM** and multicore enabled building & HVAC simulation)
    • 2GB of RAM per core
    • Nvidia GTX series graphics (for 3D model interactions & visualizations and ray tracing calculations)

*Peer-to-Peer distribution of shading and CBDM calculations also leverages the processing power of other licensed machines on your network

**CBDM = Climate Based Daylight Modeling

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