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Work Anywhere with Bluebeam Revu

Architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) are fast-moving industries. An era of rapid digitalization is upon us, and it’s more important than ever in this globalized economy to leverage that technology toward smarter, easier collaboration. Here are some tips to get the most out of collaboration and communication so you can work anywhere with Bluebeam Revu and be more efficient and productive—allowing you to focus on what really matters: getting the job done.

A blueprint for better collaboration

Bluebeam - Communication

90% of construction professionals surveyed say it’s important to collaborate digitally.

Collaboration can be an intimidating word. But really, it all boils down to communication. The construction industry is changing at a rapid pace and, along with it, the technology we use to build our world. But don’t let the abundance of options out there bog you down. What you really need are tools that make communication easier. That’s especially true in a global economy, where architects, engineers, and builders often work together on one project across continents and time zones.

It’s sometimes impossible to have all the stakeholders sitting down in the same room, which is why it’s critical to take advantage of benefits like the Studio capabilities in Bluebeam® Revu®. Studio allows collaborators across the world to “sit down” in a meeting and talk with each other. All while looking at the very same document on their computer screens, in real-time.

A recent survey by Construction Manager Magazine of nearly 200 AEC professionals found that fewer than 20% of respondents were confident in their company’s ability to collaborate throughout the BIM process. Yet, 90% of the professionals said it’s highly important to collaborate digitally. Studio in Revu helps bridge the gap, allowing firms to enhance project collaboration. Give your people the tools they need to succeed.

Bluebeam - Access Anywhere Anytime

95% of respondents in the Construction Manager survey says it’s important to be able to work whenever, wherever.

It’s vital that team members can access the most accurate data, anywhere, anytime. From the office to the airport, the job site to the hotel room, 95% of construction professionals surveyed in Construction Manager said they need access that fits their schedule, so they and their teams can be efficient and effective. This can be especially important to the new generation of workers, which has grown up surrounded by mobile technology. With the US construction industry facing serious labor shortages, you’ll need to do everything you can to attract the right talent.

Revu makes drawings, documents, and data accessible anywhere, anytime, on tablet or laptop, in the field, or on the fly. Plus, you save money on printing and shipping costs and don’t have to worry about where to store unwieldy drawings or reading an elevation beneath layers of grime, coffee stains, and pencil edits. Being able to work on the go often shaves weeks and even months off of project schedules. One US firm saved 2-3 weeks of design reviews using Bluebeam Studio Sessions, which allowed simultaneous drafting and designing. Using Bluebeam profiles, markups, toolsets, dashboards, and Studio Sessions, the company also provided a much better end
product for owners.

Bluebeam - Single Source of Truth

Rework, on average, accounts for 9% of total construction costs. On a $5 million project, that’s $450,000.

Working from a single, reliable data source means that everybody on your project can access the most current, up-to-date information. Let’s face it: though it’s often a messy process, we’re all used to emailing important information back and forth—whether that’s
project updates or the latest version of a drawing. But it’s all too easy to lose track of things, and that leads to confusion, lost time and, in some cases, rework.

Having a single source of truth, such as a document set edited in Revu where all changes are tracked and logged, means that project partners can access the most up-to-date information without having to fish through long email threads. Building projects that cost millions of dollars are simply too valuable to risk having people on the wrong page, making changes to a floorplan, or estimating takeoffs from an out-of-date document.

Whether you’ve got a staff of two or 200, you know how miscommunication can throw a wrench into schedules and budgets. A Navigant Construction Forum research perspective entitled “The Impact of Rework on Construction & Some Practical Remedies” showed that rework, on average, accounts for 9% of total construction costs. On a $5 million project, that’s $450,000 that didn’t have to be spent. Having a single source of truth helps you find errors before they become costly.

Taking the next step

If you’ve made it this far, you’re on the right track. The future is clear: firms that collaborate effectively will prosper. Those that maintain data siloes will face increasingly smaller profit margins and uncertainty. According to the McKinsey Global Institute Digitization Index, only agriculture and hunting are less digitized than the construction sector, which means digital collaboration in AEC is lagging behind too.

While there’s a lot of room for improvement in the way the AEC industry collaborates, there’s also reason to be optimistic. After all, now you know these essentials for improving collaboration within your organization:

⸺ Access anywhere, anytime
⸺ Single source of truth
⸺ Communication

You also understand that better collaboration can lead to faster project delivery times, reduced rework, and great profits. Are you ready to take the next steps? Revu is the leading technology solution that sets the standard for project efficiency and
collaboration for AEC professionals worldwide.

Bluebeam Revu - Desktop

Revu offers:

  • An effective solution bridging the gap
    between the job site and the office.
  • Best-in-class markup and editing capabilities.
    Bluebeam Studio for document management
    and real-time collaboration anywhere.
  • Repeatable, customizable processes that make you more efficient.
Go to bluebeam.com/trial/microsolresources to download a free trial today.


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Why do I need an annual Bluebeam Maintenance & Support?

Bluebeam Software Maintenance is an annual maintenance program for Bluebeam Software and available for all users when you buy new Bluebeam licenses. Why do you need it?

Here are FAQ and info on why you need it and what do you get with the Bluebeam maintenance and support:

What is included when I purchase Maintenance?
With active Maintenance you’ll receive direct phone and email access to our experienced Technical Support staff during regular business hours, the ability to easily upload and distribute mobile-optimized drawings to any device in the field with Bluebeam Drawings*, and free upgrades to the latest version of Revu while your term is active.

*Drawings is optimized using the United States National CAD Standard® (NCS).

How can I purchase Maintenance?
Maintenance is available at the time of purchase and renewable every year. Maintenance is available through our web store at the time of purchase. Please contact us or contact your reseller if you forgot to buy Maintenance.

Does Maintenance include training?
No, it doesn’t, however, there are free training videos on our Knowledge Center and we host Events like free webinars on an ongoing basis.

If you are looking for something more personalized, we also offer both In-Person and Online Training as well as self-paced and on-demand training option with Bluebeam University. If you have training questions, you can contact us.

How do I know if I have Maintenance?
If you have Maintenance, it will be listed on the license certificate you received when the software was purchased. If you are unable to find this email, you can contact us.

How much is the Bluebeam Maintenance?
Maintenance is a different price depending on the type of Bluebeam Software you purchase.

Revu Standard Revu CAD Revu eXtreme
$99 per seat/year $119 per seat/year $149 per seat/year




What are my support options without Maintenance?
1. For as long as your software is in Core Support, you will have access to any bug fixes released on that version.

2. You will have access to our growing database of how-to, troubleshooting, and training materials located on our Knowledge Center, as well as our free webinars.

3. You can email our technical support team at support@microsolresources.com.

What if I have additional questions?
If you need technical assistance beyond our technical team, you can email us at bluebeam@microsolresources.com.


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Microsol Resources, Your Expert Partner in Bluebeam Software, Support & Training

Microsol Resources is a recognized leader in building information modeling (BIM) technology solutions and has been named a Platinum- Level Partner (the highest level in the Bluebeam Partner Program) by Bluebeam Software, a leading developer of digital markup, measurement, and collaboration solutions for document-intensive industries.

As a Bluebeam Platinum Partner, we offer several resources to help the AEC professionals get the most out of Bluebeam Revu. Here’s a sampling of the things we have been offering our clients for the past years.

Support Resources

We have a Bluebeam technical support team ready to provide the best-in-class technical support for everyone from small businesses to enterprise users.  We also host a variety of no-cost webinars to keep you up to date with the latest information on Bluebeam. These webinars cover a diversity of topics including tips and tricks and workflow and industry-specific topics.

Couldn’t make a live webinar? Want to watch one again? Check out our previous webinars below to continue your training.

Training Programs

We want to provide the tools and resources to get you and your team to the next level. We truly believe that when you invest in technology you want to get more than just a tool, you actually want to have a complete solution. For that reason, we want to provide our clients with more than just the actual software. We want to train you and we want to help you get the best out of your software.

We provide self-guided training courses through Bluebeam University.

Revu 2018 and 2019 Power Pack

This package gives you access to all Bluebeam University courses, including Revu Basics, workflow courses and new courses as they are added.

Revu Basics

This is perfect if you are new to Revu or want to build your confidence in working with the program.

  • Gain familiarity with the interface and navigation in Revu.
  • Learn markup tools including Stamps, Tool Chest and Markups List.
  • Modify and share PDFs.
  • Collaborate with Bluebeam Studio.

We also offer live on-site training from our dedicated Bluebeam Instructors. Our in-person, instructor-led training courses are designed to introduce users to the core features of Bluebeam Revu. You will learn the foundational skills necessary to organize, mark up, edit and track comments in a PDF drawing set.

Do you have any questions about training? Feel free to reach out to training@microsolresources.com.

Bluebeam Events

Last year we were part of the Bluebeam Extreme 2019 conference in Washington, DC where we had the opportunity to meet industry leaders and end-users. Bluebeam also shared very exciting news and presented Bluebeam Drawings, which is the free mobile app viewer for clients that have a Bluebeam Revu 2018 or 2019 license with maintenance.

Looking forward to 2020

We are super excited for 2020 as we wish to continue supporting architects, estimators, designers, builders, engineers and subcontractors with their Bluebeam needs.

Microsol Resources is looking forward to assisting you with your Bluebeam software and become your preferred resource for software, training, and support.

Join the Revu community—over 1.6 million users.

Click here to get your free 30-day Bluebeam Revu trial.

Looking to upgrade or get the new Bluebeam Revu 2019? Feel free to contact us at bluebeam@microsolresources.com, or give us a call at (888) 768-7568.


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